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    5 Ways To Guarantee You'll Win As The Impostor In "Among Us" Every Single Time

    Let's get those crewmates!

    1. Go after crewmates who are alone.

    An impostor stands next to a crewmate who is alone in MedBay

    2. Make sure you know how to fake your tasks.

    The card swipe task in "Among Us" with a wallet and a machine that reads "please insert card"

    3. Close doors to isolated areas to get easy kills.

    An impostor sabotage map showing the doors closed

    4. Sabotage lights to set up a kill.

    An "Among Us" crewmate running with the lights off in O2

    5. And finally, work with your fellow impostor(s) to get the win.

    Two "Among Us" impostors with "victory" typed above their heads

    Do you have any good tips for winning as the impostor? Let us know in the comments below!