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What's The Rush?

To all the youth, the elderly, and anyone in between desperate for a partner: Relax, there's always time! As they say, the best things take time and why settle for an average joe because it's Hot N' Ready like Little Caesar's when a majestic stallion can roll up into your life when you least expect it? Patience is a virtue and the best relationships form naturally. We all want love and reassurance and loyalty to some extent, it's okay! No judgments harbored, but you can't force it into your life. Enjoy and appreciate whatever time you do get to share with people and whatever's meant to be, will blossom effortlessly which I think is the best part. Hold out for that effortless, natural love and until then, enjoy every moment to the fullest.

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ZAYN - Still Got Time feat. PND

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Girl, you still got time! What's the rush?

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