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    Two superheroes from rival networks combine forces? Sweet!


    Warning. Obviously I'm going to spoil the SUPERGIRL episode "World's Finest." Turn back now if you've not yet watched it.


    DC Entertainment / Via

    Geeks rejoice, they did it. What I love about the DC tv-verse is how much they embrace the comic book mythology.

    2. National City, home of Supergirl. And the motorcycle repair shop in San Diego I used to frequent.


    I live in San Diego. Every time they mention "National City" in Supergirl, this is what I envision. National City San Diego is also famous for Mile of Cars Way. Is it truly a mile? Who knows? There's a Denny's right next to an In N' Out which really beats the pants off Supergirl's residence.

    3. This image, debuting in The Hollywood Reporter well before a crossover was announced, teased something delightful.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

    Yes Greg Berlanti executive produces both THE FLASH for CW and SUPERGIRL for CBS. Yes both characters are owned by Warner Bros/DC. But this was just a pie-in-the-sky promo photo, right? Surely it couldn't happen, right? Pretty darn cool that it did.

    Bonus that this appears to have been shot on the Warner Lot across from the theatre where Marc McClure (Jimmy Olson in Christopher Reeve's Supes films, also SUPERGIRL with Helen Slater) narrated the special features for the Superman DVD release. These stoops were also used as the exterior for MURPHY BROWN as well as Audrey Hepburn's place in WAIT UNTIL DARK.

    Or I could be mistaken.

    4. Barry uses powers he learned on his show.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

    Arm cyclones? Check. Hurling lightning? Check (although using it against electricity-based Livewire was ill-advised). Adding Supergirl's speed to his own, something he'd done in-show? That too. The creatives behind the shows seem to be having a ball. That light-hearted approach to these two characters is perfect for making a crossover this complicated work.

    5. Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are wonderful as Kara and Barry.

    Warner Brothers Entertainment / Via

    As it seems to be with the behind-the-scenes creatives, Benoist and Gustin appear to be having the time of their lives together. Great chemistry, with zero romance implied. Guys and girls CAN be just friends!

    DC Comics / Via

    "Too bad. You were the only person I knew in National City..."

    View this video on YouTube

    Castle Rock Entertainment / Via

    6. Plots are furthered.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via

    For Supergirl, her relationship with Cat takes a new turn, her relationship with James (Jimmy Olson) ramps up, a new supervillain is created (Silver Banshee looking like her comic book counterpart), and a major threat has created problems for the future.

    For Flash, he seems to be lost in the multiverse, he's mentored a young superhero who reminds him that he still has much to learn, he has some weird thing attached to his chest (I haven't seen the most current FLASH, so perhaps this is explained), and he finds a kindred spirit in Winn.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again...


    View this video on YouTube

    New Line Cinema / Via

    I mean, I've said it before and I'll say it again...

    It's a glorious time to be a geek.

    (Sorry. My daughters have been on a Ninja Turtles kick.)

    GEEK ON.

    Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via
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