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    You need these after a long day of Dadding.


    1. Let's start with a chair. A real chair.

    Cost Plus World Market / Via

    I recommend a classic wingback chair and ottoman. You can get in many dad hours reading to your children on your lap, snogging with your spouse, and dozing off while perusing the paper.

    Pictured here is the Charcoal Oscar Chair from Cost Plus World Market. It's a pretty classic look. Sit in as many as possible and try out the aforementioned uses.

    2. A sports tavern sign above your chair.

    Winning Streak Sports / Via

    Proudly proclaim your love for a team that's never won a Superbowl. Or go with another, more winning team. Your call. But your drink will taste better while sitting in your chair under this sign. Which leads us to...

    3. Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.

    Paramount / Via

    Of course dads don't chug their Scotch, they savor it. I recommend the Classic Malt series which ranges from Speyside smooth (Cragganmore) to peaty, smelling like a Sharpie marker, Islay island liquor (Lagavulin).

    You can view the entire Classic Malt collection here.

    Classic Malts / Via

    4. A cardigan to drape over the back of your chair when it gets too warm.


    "But cardigans are for old fogeys and Mr. Rogers." Yes. Yes they are. They're also for anyone.

    And hey, they look cool not only on Fred Rogers but on THIS GUY-


    And David freakin' Beckham...

    Rex Features / Via

    5. Books. Reading is good and stuff.


    Pile these high next to your chair. Yes you should read them, but they also help your Dad image.

    PADDLE YOUR OWN CANOE by Nick Offerman- A humorous and manly memoir.

    THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA by Ernest Hemingway- This book is short, so be sure to buy a hardback, Dad-looking edition.

    MISCELLANEOUS PLAYS by William Shakespeare- Pick your favorites. I recommend individual editions as opposed to a giant collected version, but hey, you're the dad. You decide.

    MANHOOD FOR AMATEURS by Michael Chabon- You really can't go wrong with any Chabon.

    You definitely want a good mix of humor, history, culture, and classic fiction. Who knows what you'll want to read after a day with the family and a dram of Scotch?

    You work hard as a dad. You love your family. You need your dad corner to reflect how awesome you are.

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