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    Since becoming a father, I cry a lot. Here are some other dudes crying.


    Bleacher Report / Via

    1. Tom Brady with hippie hair cried a lot, for a lot of reasons. Hippie hair chief among them.

    CBS Sports / Via

    2. Knowshon knows... how to make it RAIN!

    Total Pro Sports / Via

    3. When Mario Balotelli came over to Liverpool FC, he made fans weep with his crummy play. He shares in the pain here and he apparently has a tear duct at each corner of his right eye.


    4. Brett Favre: "I wear Wrangler jeans cuz they're thick, durable, and able to absorb copious amounts of tears."


    5. Agassi cries ALL THE DAMN TIME. Here he is weeping. Hey Andre- it's effing tennis. CALM DOWN.


    I'm not heartless. He was retiring, so I get the tears. I also love tennis.


    Yes! The Canon Rebel is that good.


    6. Here's Pete Sampras crying. Looooootttta crying in tennis.

    Getty Images / Via

    7. LeBron James! The Decision! Whether or not to stop crying. He chooses... oh, he can't decide!


    8. I won't make a tasteless joke about Ray Lewis here. I'm a Bengals fan, so it's difficult for me not to make fun of a Ravens player. Maybe there's a Steelers player I can-


    9. A STEELER! I actually liked Hines Ward for a spell, until he acted like a jackass on and off the field. His tears here are so thick, I think I'll call them "eye hail."

    Fox / Via

    10. Russell Wilson cries because

    A) The guy behind him is applying the Vulcan Neck Pinch


    B) His limbs became invisible when the fan on the left snapped his picture.

    Getty images / Via

    Again, LeBron? You were in a comic book, for Pete's sake! Stop the flow.

    Marvel Comics / Via

    Oh, the LeBron comic is real. Here's Marvel Comics riffing on their "Spider-Man No More" cover. Or ripping it off. I'm sure comic book Lebron is crying as he walks away into the rain.

    CBS Sports / Via

    11. College hoops. Where you sit on the ground and cry for a long time. Then you roll over.

    CBS Sports / Via

    Or perhaps...


    ... Morrison and Afflalo were simply playing "light as a feather, stiff as a board."


    We'll close with Tom Brady because I like it when he cries.

    CBS Sports / Via

    Not quite enough...

    CBS Sports / Via

    Almost there...

    CBS Sports / Via

    Yep. That's the good stuff. Thank you, internet.

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