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    How To Make Your Very Own Name Necklace

    Thought shrink plastic was just for kids? Oh, how wrong you are. It's also perfect for making cheap and easy grown-up *bling*.

    Materials needed:

    - Shrink plastic

    - Scissors

    - Pen & scratch paper

    - Access to a printer

    - Parchment paper

    - Necklace chain and jump rings

    - Nail polish

    1. Choose your favorite font and type out the name, word, or whatever you'd like your necklace to say (make sure it comes out around 3cm in height).

    2. Print the name onto regular printer paper. Place your printed name under the shrink plastic and trace the letters with a pen. Then cut the name out of the shrink plastic.

    3. Preheat the oven according to the shrink plastic instructions.

    4. Place the shrink plastic name onto some baking parchment paper and wrap it up like shown in the picture (this will help prevent the name from curling too much during the shrink process). Place the package in the oven and let it shrink.

    5. When you've removed the package and the plastic has cooled down, decorate it however you like with nail polish.

    6. Turn your name into a necklace by attaching it to the chain with jump rings. You could also make earrings, a keychain, a charm bracelet (throwback!) or a hair clip.

    Wrap them up nice and they'll make the perfect Mother's Day, graduation, or just-because gift.

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