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Five Awesome Summertime Drinks

Summer is all about sun and fun, and what else is fun but a drink? Here are five easy–to–make drinks that scream summer.

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3. Sweet Basil / Via

Muddled basil leaves topped with ice, Lillet Blanc, gin, and simple syrup strained into a glass blends unique flavors that will liven up any summertime meal outdoors ( a great drink paired with seafood dishes).

4. Sangria Floats / Via

A recipe inspired by the Food Network and tweaked by yours truly on my blog, different sorbet flavors (I used lemon, mango, and raspberry) are topped with Lambruso red sparkling wine or Cava. When the sorbet melts it blends into the wine for a cooling summertime drink.

5. Classic Red Sangria / Via

Another recipe from the almighty Food Network kitchens, this is a classic for summer. Red wine is mixed with sugar, sliced apples, oranges, and orange liqueur in a pitcher then tops with seltzer. This king of refreshing summer drinks should be had at least once every summer.

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