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    Sep 17, 2019

    13 Things That Can Help You Stop Killing Your Plants

    To all the plants I've killed before: I'm so sorry.

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    Are your houseplants constantly on the brink of death? Are you starting to feel like you have a black thumb? Here's a list of tools that will upgrade your gardening game and take you to plant-killer rehab.

    1. This long-necked watering can helps you water your plants more effectively.

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    Yes, we're going back to basics here. A long-necked watering can ensures targeted distribution of water around plant roots, so it's less likely to water-log your plants than if you water them using a cup or directly from the tap. This Elho watering can features a lightweight, modern design and is made using recycled plastic bottles. It has a 1.8-litre capacity and comes in several different colours.

    Price: £7.99.

    2. This digital thermometer measures temperature and humidity levels.

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    If you're not sure which part of your house or room is the optimal location for your plants, you can use this thermometer/hygrometer combo to get precise readings of temperature and humidity. Customers report that the device is easy to set up and use, compact, portable, and adapts quickly when conditions change.

    Price: £9.99.

    3. With this grow light, your plants won't panic at the disco.

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    If your flat doesn't get much natural light - and let's face it, nowhere in the UK gets enough sun - then a full-spectrum grow light can make up the difference. This 4.9 star-rated adjustable gooseneck lamp has LED bulbs, three lighting modes, and ten dimming modes. The timer can be set to a certain number of hours or to automatically cycle through different colour and brightness levels throughout the day.

    Price: £19.99 - £24.89, depending on model.

    4. This book for the "horticulturally challenged" is essential reading.

    Amazon / Via

    The first step is admitting you have a problem. This book is an easy read with beautiful illustrations that will walk you through plant care and recognising the danger signs for plants that are on the slow march towards death.

    Price: £3.99 (Kindle edition) or £6.57 (hardcover).

    5. This spray bottle keeps humidity-loving plants happy.

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    Some plants need humidity to thrive, which means you need to mist them in addition to watering them. Customer reviews say that the fine mist option on these vintage-style amber-coloured glass spray bottles works well for plants. In addition to being more environmentally friendly than plastic, these bottles have multiple uses around the house and look incredibly chic.

    Price: £10.89 for two.

    6. This pot and tray set groups your small plants together.

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    Another trick for improving humidity levels for your indoor plants is to place them near each other. This sleek, minimal set features three ceramic pots that sit on a shared drainage tray.

    Price: £9.93 - £17.93, depending on style.

    7. This plant stand is great if you have plants of various sizes.

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    This rustic, ladder-style wooden plant stand has room for several plant pots, knick-knacks, and more. Reviewers appreciate that the stand comes pre-assembled and report that it looks just as good in real life. It folds away for storage too!

    Price: £25.99.

    8. A set of gardening tools will help with better plant maintenance both inside and outdoors.

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    This set comes with a small trowel, a transplanter, a small rake, pruning shears, two pairs of gloves, and two sets of protective sleeves.

    Price: £17.96.

    9. This automatic drip irrigation kit will water your plants for you.

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    Whether you're going on holiday or you're just terrible at remembering to water your plants, this automatic irrigation system allows you to set up a customised watering schedule for multiple plants. The 30-day electronic timer runs on four AA batteries and/or USB power, and the drippers deliver water directly to the root zone. Reviewers say that initial setup takes some time and effort but that the kit is very comprehensive, including various hoses, nozzles, and drip options for different kinds of plants.

    Price: £33.14.

    10. Another option are these self-watering plant pots.

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    If you're looking for a simple, no-wires solution to keeping your plants hydrated, these elegant white plant pots have you covered. You simply fill the base with water and allow the rope to pull water up to the plant's roots as needed. Just remember to check the water level and refill periodically!

    Price: £14.99 - £17.99, depending on size, for three.

    11. Keep leaves clean and shiny by wiping them down with a microfibre cloth.

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    Dusty leaves don't perform photosynthesis as effectively as clean ones. Periodically wiping your plants' leaves with a soft, lint-free cloth will keep them healthier and make them look nicer. These microfibre cleaning cloths can be used all over the house but set a few aside specifically for your plant babies.

    Price: £3.79 for five.

    12. This houseplant food will give your plants a much-needed boost.

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    Sometimes the standard water-and-sunlight diet isn't enough. This inexpensive but effective Baby Bio plant food is specially formulated for houseplants – also available in orchid, herb, and citrus varieties. A few drops mixed into water will promote better growth and green leaves. Reviewers say it really works and that the small bottle lasts a long time.

    Price: £2.95.

    13. And finally, for the truly hopeless: at least these artificial succulents definitely won't die on you.

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    According to the reviews, these faux succulents are realistic, aesthetically pleasing, and won't get eaten by your cat.

    Price: £13.99 for a set of six.