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    22 Accessories To Add A Personal Twist To Your Workwear

    Sometimes you just need a little something to make you smile while you're on the job.

    Most of us spend a good chunk of each week at work, so it makes sense that you'd want to let your personality shine even when you're in professional mode. Whether you work in a super casual environment or your office is really buttoned up, the accessories on this list should give you options to help bring a bit more you to your workday 'fits.

    1. These metallic sequin earrings that can easily see you through a full day-to-night transition.

    2. This simple and elegant infinity symbol necklace.

    3. This beaded coin ring from the bestselling Lucy Williams x Missoma collection.

    4. This 12-pack of resin and pearl hair clips that will have you set for every day of the week.

    5. This faux leather belt with coin details that says "I make money move."

    6. Baby, what's your sign? Put it out there with this zodiac constellation necklace.

    7. These diamante drop earrings that have a cool chandelier vibe.

    8. This enamel pin that reminds people to ask about, rather than assume, your pronouns.

    9. These mouth-wateringly realistic gummy bear earrings that are available in twelve different colours.

    10. This signet ring with a sun motif that might just brighten up your day.

    11. These dangling teapot earrings that are perfect if you're a fan of Alice in Wonderland – or if you just really like tea!

    12. This crescent moon necklace that's on-trend but also timeless.

    13. These metal shell and resin drop earrings that are very "mermaid with a day job."

    14. This Progress Pride flag pin that shows your solidarity with the whole LGBTQIA+ community.

    15. These raw crystal earrings that'll have you looking pretty magical.

    16. This leopard print headscarf that's a low-effort way to spice up any hairstyle.

    17. These bumblebee earrings that'll have you buzzing.

    18. This sparkly charm bracelet will draw all eyes to you.

    19. These tiny dachshund earrings that are ideal for sausage dog aficionados.

    20. This leather-look double O-ring belt that works with basically every kind of outfit.

    21. This silver armour ring that's equal parts delicate and tough.

    22. And finally, these resin earrings that can add a pop of colour to your winter wardrobe.