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This Is What Happens When You Tell Women What To Do With Their Bodies

Thursday night, while Twitter was freaking out about Frank Ocean (finally) dropping his album, something was abuzz in the Twitter fitness community.

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It all started with one simple tweet...

Deleted all his tweets tryna be slick but I got dissssss #tryagainchad

Chad Johnson from The Bachelorette tweeted and deleted. Never forget the power of screenshots.

Christina is a national qualified powerlifter with USA Powerlifting.

Then something beautiful happened: the women of fitness Twitter came together to show Chad that all bodies are sexy

@realchadjohnson omg ew lifting makes girls so manly :((((((( I'll never pick up another dumbbell thx for the advice

Alexandra lifts all the things

Women were letting Chad know that it's not OK to tell women what to do with their bodies

Krissy is the owner of Black Iron Gym and Doughnuts & Deadlifts.

Some big names got involved in the action

Dear @realchadjohnson, No one tells you what to do with your body, so please afford everyone else the same respect. Sincerely, CFG 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

The love was flowing

"Where have you been all my life?" -me @ all the beautiful strong ladies I discovered under #tryagainchad

#TryAgainChad was soon trending and women all over Twitter were retweeting, favoriting, and commenting with positivity on each others pictures. The love was truly flowing.

Body positivity is a beautiful thing

Thanks to this #TryAgainChad business, I see ladies all over my TL rocking the HECK out of themselves. OKAY LADIES NOW LEZZGET IN FORMATION

Of course there were the naysayers who claimed this was just another way for women to show off their bodies on social media, but they were soon shutdown too

Call #TryAgainChad whatever you want but my TL is all love and compliments. It's harmless and so many people are happy right now ☺️💜

Hours later the clapback kept coming

You're right, @realchadjohnson. You're right. #TryAgainChad

Kelly is a national and world qualified powerlifter with USPA Powerlifting.

Because, you know, women who lift weights get bulky and look manly

@realchadjohnson shit am I manly?? #tryagainchad

As women we should celebrate each other more often, and that's exactly what happened when #TryAgainChad was trending

it doesn't matter whether we are powerlifters, crossfitters, or bodybuilders, we all sexy af #TryAgainChad

Going to the gym - whether to run, zumba, crossfit, cycle, powerlift - is a healthy endeavor that should be encouraged, not shamed. It's 2016 and we should all know that women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and each individual is beautiful in her own way. To the women of fitness Twitter: I salute you for standing up to Chad and letting the world know that women can be strong and beautiful - and more than just physically. Here's to celebrating our strong crossfitting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, gym-going women that put in hard work.

in honor of #tryagainchad can August 18 be National Female Powerlifting/Crossfit/Bodybuilding Appreciation Day

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