Why We Should Be Grateful To Have Tom Hanks Walk Among Us

T.Hanks Tom!

1. Everyone on Planet Earth knows about this God-like creature.

I mean, if you haven’t, where have YOU been?

2. He is an AMAZING actor.

Look at him, being all majestic with one of TWO Oscars he currently owns.

3. He’s in love with said well-deserved award.

He could stare at it FOREVER

4. He can be serious and hardcore.

Would you mess with this MOFO? DIDN’T THINK SO.

5. But he can also be the biggest goofball you’ve ever seen.

And would totally post those embarrassing drunk photos and tag you in them.

6. He’s so talented he even became a TOY.


7. And he played THE Walt Disney. NBD.

I bet this means he can go to the Disney Parks free FOR LIFE.

8. He’s not one to shy away from growing a glorious beard.

11. And speaking of hair, we can relate to him about bad hair days.

He even looks sad that his hair is sad.

12. But somehow even his worst bad hair days don’t seem that bad.

Tom Hanks with afro-like hair? YASSS

13. No matter, it doesn’t take away from his dedication to the craft of Acting.

He was so dedicated during Castaway that he STILL believes Wilson is real.

14. This craft that we can’t even begin to fathom what discipline he had gone through to master it.

Sorry JGL, I love you, but you will NEVER be Tom Hanks.

17. But he always makes time out of his busy schedule to poke fun at himself.

18. Did I mention he makes the CUTEST baby turtle???

19. So, we should all give thanks for Tom Hanks, or else we’re gonna have some problems.

Even Tom agrees.

20. So stay classy Tom!


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