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There Was An Alternate Ending To "Sweet Home Alabama" And It's The Worst

Nothing sweet about this ending at all.

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But she has return to her hometown in Alabama to ask this hunk (Josh Lucas), who turns out to be her ex-husband, for a proper divorce.

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We are told that he never finished signing the divorce papers because he still loves her. (But, really, why would you divorce this guy in the first place?!)


But in the end, (spoiler alert), Reese chooses her ex-hubby and they have a cute and cheesy scene that leaves you both satisfied and nauseous.

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They have a shotgun wedding, she becomes a high-end fashion designer, he owns his glass company, and they even have a child together. CUE THE APPLAUSE.

But if they had kept this alternate ending, all those wonderful, gooey romantic feelings you had would've been bulldozed away. Watch the cringeworthy alternate ending below:

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It literally has WTF written all over it.

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