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    It's Time We Recognize That Jeff Goldblum Was The Best Part Of "Jurassic Park."

    Life, uh...finds a way.

    Jeff Goldblum. Actor. Greek God. Perfect piece of art. He is everything everyone inspires to be.

    So it comes no surprise that he stoled the show when he appeared in the 1993 blockbuster "Jurassic Park."

    His character took seduction to a whole new level.

    He had some of the best lines in cinematic history.

    He was able to bring a sense of reality to his role.

    And always knew how to react accordingly to danger.

    And let us not forget this iconic topless scene.

    His most famous scene even inspired artwork from admirers, such as this:

    And this:

    And even this:

    When he wasn't eye candy, he dropped these existential truth bombs.

    But perhaps most memorable of all was when he graced us with his sweet, beautiful laughter.

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    I mean, how many celebs do you know have their own remix song based on their laugh?

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    So you do you, Jeff. Congratulate yourself on being the best part of the movie.

    Now pose with the dinosaur like the sexy beast you are.