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    21 Ways You Are Red Forman From "That 70's Show"


    1. You're not quick to help someone out.

    2. You're an inspiring author.

    3. You have the Grumpy Cat look down to a pat.

    4. You come up with the best puns.

    5. You're blunt when it comes to pep-talks.

    6. You don't like to share your love.

    7. You're not a fan of the "If you were a..., what would you do?" game.

    8. You planned out your funeral in advance.

    9. You're creative when it comes to saying good-night.

    10. There are some questions you just can't handle.

    11. You take being literal to a whole new level.

    12. Whipped Cream is your favorite food EVER.

    13. You have great math skills.

    14. You know what's really important in life.

    15. This is you when you suspect people are having fun.

    16. You're the king of judging.

    17. You don't have time for sympathy. You also enjoy playing Doctor.

    18. But pretending to be Santa may not be your thing.

    19. You tell it like it is when it's about responsibility.

    20. No matter how hard you try, you'll never understand Star Wars.

    21. But you know what? You're Red Forman! And you'll shove your foot in anyone's ass who says differently!