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10 U.S. Locations For Your Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Is it possible to have 10 wedding ceremonies?

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Ok, so maybe part of it is indoors, but rustic, no? This beautiful barn has glass stained windows like that of a church, so perfect for couples who want to keep their wedding religious as it is rustic. Also, the barn is on a beautiful 100-acre park complete with a lake. You might even see some roaming White Buffalo!

Set on a old sugar mill in Maui, this breath-taking location captures the spirit of Hawaii without being "tourist-y." It was also named one of top 25 wedding venues in the world and among the top 2 in the U.S. according to Conde Nast U.K. (and rightfully so!) Seriously, I could get lost in this place forever and be perfectly happy.

For the true nature-lover, Loma Vista Inn (which means view of the hill in Spanish), overlooks some pretty amazing gardens. Their venue includes a huge space for bands to play, so if you want to splurge on music, this would be the place to do it!

SO. MANY. TREES. This beautiful southern plantation mansion, only 30 minutes away from New Orleans, boasts 25 acres of grounds filled with gardens and 300 year old oak trees. A historic landmark, many blockbusters have been filmed here, including Interview With the Vampire.

Only minutes away from the beach, this 5 star hotel was originally built in 1888 but restored in 1999. It still has it's historic charm, almost looking like a castle. And what bride doesn't want to feel like a Queen on the big day?

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