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90s Toys You Still Can't Afford

Mom said, "Save up for it!" and WE ARE STILL SAVING UP FOR IT WHAT THE EFF?

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Digital Doggie Giga Pet ($73.75) / Via

For those of us without actual dogs to play with, the Digital Doggie was as close as we'd get to having our own Fido... but they didn't come cheap! This robotic version of man's best friend is STILL out of our price range. It's probably for the best though, considering they're actually a LOT of work and we have "real responsibilities" to think about now (see: bills, rent, not starving to death).

Deluxe Talkboy ($117.50) / Via

Minus the tiny detail of having been abandoned by his whole family TWICE, everyone wanted to be Kevin McCallister holding one of these bad boys in Home Alone 2, warping his own voice to sound somewhat Darth Vader-esque. And yet now, $117 seems a bit steep for a feature that can probably be downloaded for free as an app.

Super Soaker 2000 ($75.00) / Via

The kid who owned one of these? Basically the neighborhood boss, since it actually HURT REAL REAL BAD to get sprayed by one. Too bad you probably have to actually BE someone's boss to have this kind of throwaway cash.

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