Why Mindy Lahiri Is The Liz Lemon Replacement The World Needs

When 30 Rock ended a few months ago, we were all left with a cheese-shaped hole in our hearts. Luckily, the The Mindy Project is here to patch that hole.

1. Let’s start with the important things… a shared love for donuts.

3. They aren’t the best at consoling people…

5. …but maybe that’s because their friends aren’t the most supportive.

7. That’s okay though! They can support themselves.

9. Like Liz, sometimes Mindy has to deal with difficult co-workers…

11. …so they cope in similar style.

13. (although, Mindy is more willing to go out than Liz).

14. They maintain their figures with equally ambitious fitness routines.

16. Sometimes they feel a little lost in life…

18. … but when life is going their way, they know how to celebrate.

20. They don’t completely understand how to act at bars/clubs…

22. … but they really don’t care.

24. It’s clear why we will survive…

26. …in a world without Liz Lemon.

27. Because we have Mindy!

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