These Fake Harry Styles/Kendall Jenner Exchanges Make “Hendall Convos” The Best New Twitter Of 2014

What do Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner talk about? This Twitter account has some ideas. The results are hilarious and in just three days, @Hendall_Convos has gained nearly 40k followers.

1. The exchanges are fictional but the drama is real.

3. Some of them require basic 1D knowledge…

6. Some of them are perfectly punny…

10. And some of them make it a family affair.

13. A lot of them make you feel sorry for Harry…

17. But a few of them make you feel bad for Kendall.

19. Luckily, they are funny for Kardashian and One Direction fans alike.

22. Follow @Hendall_Convos to keep up with the couple.

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