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    16 Signs This Semester Has Made You More SWUG Than Ever

    Last semester was pretty SWUG. This semester, it's SWUG season 2.0!

    1. You and pants have decided to take a temporary break from each other. The split was mutual.


    You two just stopped getting along. You don't need pants to ace a Skype interview.

    2. Abbi and Ilana have become your only gods. / Via

    If you're not watching Broad City, do yourself a favor and go watch it immediately. If you have seen it, you know how well the pair know you. Like, you are Abbi and your best friend totally is Ilana. You can't tell if their misadventures make you worried about or excited for your quickly impending post-grad life. You don't know what to do until the second season premiere, but you pass the time watching their original webisodes.

    3. You are in one of two categories: "I have already have signed a job offer" and "If you ask me about my job search, I will start to cry in front of you."

    Seriously do not ask me what I am doing in May. Do not even hint at it.

    4. You were overcome by the volume of scantily clad youths on Spring Break.


    Wasn't this beach supposed to be hoppin' with similarly aged college students? That girl is definitely wearing a Class of 2017 shirt.

    5. You forgot to have an opinion about freshmen because you forgot about freshmen.

    Freshmen don't take thesis classes. There is no show on Netflix about their lives. They do not exist.

    6. You find yourself freaking out at least once that you won't graduate.

    It can be the most irrational freakout from the girl who is taking twelve extra credits, but at one point you will find yourself questioning your graduation status.

    7. You find yourself meeting people in your class that you wish you had met sooner.


    Maybe that person would have been your best friend had you crossed paths years earlier. You'll find yourself wondering where these people have been hiding.

    8. It's gotten to the point where your guy friends feel the need to point out when you get too SWUGly.


    A flock of SWUGs may succumb to group think and all decide that it's okay to wear Crocs and gaucho pants for their comfort. You need someone to check you.

    9. You upgraded from bringing pizza to the bar to bringing sushi to the bar.


    There is no shame in using chopsticks during happy hour. At least, you have no shame in doing it.

    10. Your dependence on GrubHub is unhealthy.


    Cooking, ugh. No meal plan. The equivalent of room service to my front door? Yes, please.

    11. You're actually learning to like better wines and enjoy them for more than binge drinking.


    Who knew that you would ever lose taste for your beloved Franzia? Why is this new taste for wine from a bottle setting you back so many dollars?

    12. You start to watch late night talk shows on a nightly basis.


    This makes you feel like a real adult. This is such an adult thing to do. And why not watch it? You're up anyhow annotating your thesis or writing angry tweets about the How I Met Your Mother finale.

    13. You've developed a mental block of denial that graduation is impending and you start to think of all the things you're going to miss.


    It's all just so bittersweet, innit?

    14. You realize how lucky you are not to have to register this semester. Registration would put quite the dent in your homework/Netflix/job search/wine night rotation.


    It was a shock for you to hear that it was registration time. You probably worried for half of a second before realizing that registration is a worry of the past. Onwards and upwards.

    15. You find yourself preparing your body for Senior Week.


    Now is not the time to rage every night. Now is the time to finish your classes on a strong note and try to find a job. Plus, Senior Week is fast approaching and your body has to be in tip-top shape to endure that gauntlet.

    16. You take full advantage of these last few weeks. This is the last time in your life that you can go a day without pants, attend a week straight of parties and generally ignore the laws of reality.

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