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    I Ranked The 20 Best Vegetarian Trader Joe's Snacks So You Don't Have To

    Because you can't just eat mochi ice cream for the rest of your life.

    Hi, I'm Laken. When I became vegetarian almost a decade ago, I practically lived on Oreos and fries. Well, I still do — but not because I can't find plenty of snack options! Fortunately, that struggle is over. More stores than ever are stocking their shelves with veggie-friendly snacks.

    A man with a mustache is unpeeling a banana.

    I stan a veggie-friendly grocery store, and Trader Joe's outshines other grocery stores for me because it has snacks I didn't even KNOW I needed. Where else can you get $2 wine, mini avocados, and cannoli?

    My favorite? Trader Joe's.

    A Trader Joe's grocery store.
    Wikipedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Via

    The uncertainty of knowing which vegetarian snacks are actually good ends now!!! As a self-proclaimed TJ's aficionado (I live and breathe Everything But The Bagel seasoning), I've conclusively ranked the Top 20 Trader Joe's items from "pretty good" to "the best," and you can't disagree with me.

    But seriously... if you have other thoughts, propose your own top snacks in the comment section. 😇

    20. Oven-Baked Cheese Bites

    A bowl of cheese bites on top of a slab of wood. Mixed with the cheese bites are bits of popcorn, crackers, and pretzels.
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: This snack gets extra points for being gluten-free. Each bite is delightfully cheesy, salty, and crispy. The truffle adds an extra savory kick that keeps me coming back for more every time.

    19. Chocolate Half-Dipped Biscotti

    A cup of coffee sits upon a wooden table. On top of the cup balances a chocolate biscotti with candy cane pieces baked in. The coffee cup is surrounded by biscotti cookies.
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: These cute, sprinkle-topped biscotti will make your morning feel a little brighter when you dip them into your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Honestly, they feel like a grown-up version of my favorite chocolate-covered donuts.

    18. Organic Açaí Bowl

    A flat lay image with a bowl of the acai.
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: This snack gives you the opportunity to make your own refreshing version of this Instagrammable snack, and there's no extra fruit needed! Best of all, you'll get all the deliciousness for a fraction of the price.

    17. Raspberry Rose White Chocolate Bar

    Rectangular chocolate bars with rose designs sit upon a wooden table. Surrounding the chocolate bars are rose petals.
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: This chocolate bar looks like a stunning gourmet treat. It also is made with real raspberries, so it tastes just as good as it looks.

    16. Raspberry and White Chocolate Bundt Cake

    A box that reads, "Raspberry white chocolate bundt cake" sits on a tablecloth next to two plates. One large plate contains the bundt cake surrounded by raspberries, and one slice is taken out. The cut slice sits on another plate, next to whipped cream
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: This cake isn't too sweet, so you'll feel even more compelled to go in for a second delicious, beautiful slice. It pairs well with raspberry lemonade, coconut whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream.

    15. Hatch Chile Cheddar Seasoned Popcorn

    A bowl of popcorn next to a cup of beer
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: This popcorn will take your movie night up a notch with the perfect amount of spice.

    14. Coconut Crispy Rolls

    Cylindrical snack rolls spell out "TJS"
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: These snack rolls are crunchy, not too greasy, and taste like the perfect island getaway.

    13. Scandinavian Swimmers Gummies

    A bag of gummies shaped like ocean creatures are being poured out onto a paper plate.
    Trader Joe's on Instagram / Via

    What's so great about these: Who doesn't love yummy fruit candies? These snacks are comparable to Swedish Fish with fruity and sugary fish, seahorses, lobsters, and a whole gummy ecosystem! Plus, these also come in a sour variety for those with brave palettes.

    12. Plantain Crisps

    Chips with guacamole and a beer
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: An oldie but a goodie, plantain crisps are a snacking classic. The Trader Joe's crisps are the best of the best, with the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

    11. Dehydrated Carrots

    Dried carrot snacks on a wooden table
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: These carrot snacks are perfect for healthy and picky eaters alike. The carrots are so sweet and colorful, it's hard to believe you're actually eating a vegetable during your lunch break.

    10. Chili and Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips

    A bag of  chips lies next to a wooden cutting board that is topped with rolled tortilla chips and lime slices
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: These chips taste like a mature, boss version of your favorite Doritos. Add some flair to your next taco night by dipping these bad boys in your salsa. The rolled chips are extra crispy, and they're sturdy enough to support the thickest guacamole.

    9. Big Soft Pretzels

    A soft pretzel dipped in mustard, wrapped in parchment paper upon a wooden table
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: TJ's soft pretzels are a little crunchy on the outside but still pillowy soft. When you warm one up, it'll make your entire apartment smell like a county fair. I like to dip mine in cinnamon sugar icing.

    8. ABC Bars

    A box of ABC bars, an unwrapped bar sitting in its wrapper, an apple, and some lined writing paper with a pencil
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: The Almond Butter Cocoa bars are chewy and full of protein — the perfect snack to keep in your backpack or purse to treat yourself after a long day at school or work.

    7. Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

    Trader Joe's on YouTube / Via

    What's so great about these: These blue corn chips have beauty and brawn. They're beautiful on a platter, and they're thick enough not to break when you're eating your favorite dips!

    6. Spud Crunchies Potato Snacks

    Spud crunchies potato bag. Spud crunchies have the shape of a french fry
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: Cold takeout fries are sad, floppy shadows of their former selves. If you want some potatoes on the go, I suggest treating your tastebuds to these crispy french fry alternatives. If you're a fan of ketchup, Spud Crunchies come in that flavor as well.

    5. Thai Tea Mini Mochi

    A package of mini mochi in a box
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: This cold, bite-size snack is as refreshing as a real glass of Thai iced tea.

    4. Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

    A bowl of ice cream with strawberries and a sprig of mint
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about these: This smooth, refined ice cream pairs perfectly with some fresh fruit. Who doesn't love ice cream?!

    3. Corn Cookie Baking Mix

    Six cookies on a piece of fabric
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: This easy mix has dethroned chocolate chip as the King of Cookies. These cookies are the perfect combination of soft and sweet-but-a-little-savory goodness.

    2. Dill Pickle Hummus

    Collage of pickles, chips, and hummus
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: Hummus is a tasty, healthy snack — but sometimes it can feel a little one-note or boring. This dill pickle hummus offers the cool, vinegary bite of pickles in a classic hummus form.

    1. And the No. 1 spot goes to... Vegan Banana Bread!

    A package of banana bread
    Trader Joe's / Via

    What's so great about it: This snack is the perfect vegan treat. The banana bread edges out the competition because it is so versatile. Eat it warm or cold. Make it into french toast slices or crumble it on your ice cream sundae. Vegans finally have a treat as multi-faceted as they are.

    So... which of these tasty, veggie-friendly snacks will you try next? Or do you have more suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

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