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    11 Ways I'm Embracing Self-Love This Valentine's Day Through My Love Language Of Touch

    Living alone can be a struggle when you just want a cuddle.

    Everyone expresses their love in different ways. For me, that's through my sense of touch. Some people give gifts. Other people appreciate words of affirmation. But I'm definitely a hugger. I'm the kind of person who will give my close friends back rubs or braid their hair. So you could say that I thrive with physical affection.

    However, I've been single for a hot minute. And because many of my friends aren't as touchy-feely as I am, it's been hard to get platonic hugs or other physical contact.

    Fortunately, I've found several ways to fulfill my need for cuddles.

    1. Weighted blankets

    2. Petsitting

    Snoop Dogg holds a puppy and says, "That's what I'm talking about."

    3. Stuffed animals and plushies

    4. Shoulder, back, and scalp massagers

    5. Heating pads

    6. Trying out new hairstyles

    7. Body pillows

    8. Snuggly blankets

    9. Warm tea

    10. An adult swaddle or cozy hammock

    11. And DIY spa nights

    What's your love language? Do you express your affection through touch, or do you prefer a more hands-off approach? Let us know in the comments below.