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    Dolly Parton's Dollywood Is The Best Theme Park, And Here Are 10 Reasons Why

    Dollywood isn't just AN amusement park. It's the BEST amusement park.

    I'm Laken, and it's no secret that I love Dolly Parton (proof here and here). If you're reading this, you probably love her, too. She's the queen of bedazzled jumpsuits and blonde wigs. But did you know that Dolly has her own theme park? While Dolly's music has attracted some well-deserved acclaim, Dollywood is super underrated.

    Here are 10 reasons why Dollywood is the best darn amusement park I've ever been to. And I live in Florida, so I know my amusement parks.

    1. The weather is temperate

    When it snows at Dollywood!! @Dollywood #dollywood #dollywoidinsiders #pigeonforge #tennessee

    Twitter: @btweentheparks

    Many amusement parks are located in sweltering climates, so it's a refreshing change to be able to walk across a park without sweating in the miserable summer heat.

    2. The Smoky Mountains are stunning

    Welcome to Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Cabins in USA

    Twitter: @GregBruhl3

    The Smoky Mountains are a highlight of Tennessee's landscape. Dollywood is located close to the national park, so you can see some beautiful mountain views when you visit the park.

    3. OMG, the desserts!

    This is a maple funnel cake, tossed in sugar, topped with candied bacon and pecans then drizzled with caramel. Are you hungry yet?

    Twitter: @Dollywood

    Cotton candy and popcorn are yummy, but Dollywood has the best selection of food I've ever eaten at an amusement park. The cinnamon bread is one of the most popular treats in the park, but you might want to try all of their desserts so you can judge for yourself.

    4. Dolly's music is blasting on loop

    3️⃣5️⃣ years ago today, #Dollywood opened its gates for the first time, making this our 36th season! 🥳🦋💙

    Twitter: @Dollywood

    Roller coasters + country and bluegrass music = a match made in heaven.

    5. There's a bird sanctuary!

    Good news! One eaglet hatched at Dollywood's Eagle Mountain Sanctuary on April 12. 💙🦅 You can watch this eagle family live through this link:

    Twitter: @Dollywood

    Just in case you didn't already think that Dolly is an All-American Icon, she supports an eagle sanctuary for eagles and other birds. One of my fave birds was Bonita, a crested caracara who lived in the park after she injured her wing. RIP Bonita (who passed away in 2017), but there are still lots of other amazing birds being rehabilitated here.

    6. It has lots of rad wooden coasters

    #25DaysofCoasters rolls on with #21 - Thunderhead @Dollywood! I love a good woodie and this checks the boxes. A nice layout, speed and plenty of forces makes me think that this coaster could be even higher if it’s recent re-track made it super smooth. Photo credit @rcdbdotcom

    Twitter: @jordomac23

    I'll always have a soft spot for wooden coasters. Sure, they may not have loops like steel coasters, but wooden coasters feel particularly exhilarating to me. I like how wooden coasters are a little noisy and how I can smell the wood around me. Dollywood has some of the best wooden coasters in the region.

    7. Dolly pays homage to her own upbringing

    Twitter: @Dollywood

    Dolly lives a glamorous life, but she's super open about her humble upbringing. Her family lived in a tiny two-room cabin. She built a replica of her childhood home, and Dollywood visitors can tour the cabin to see what life was like for Dolly when she grew up. This cabin inspired her hit song "My Tennessee Mountain Home."

    8. You can visit cool historical buildings

    Dollywood 2021 #ChristmasinTheSmokies #Dollywood

    Twitter: @Austin_Explores

    History buffs can visit places like the Grist Mill, which was the first operational grist mill built in Tennessee in a century. The chapel also features stained glass art that's over a hundred years old.

    9. Tickets cost less than many other parks' admission fees

    10. You can observe craftspeople like blacksmiths and glassblowers at work

    New (to me) handmade game stand at @Dollywood — so cool!

    Twitter: @Coaster101

    If you're not into coasters, you might enjoy learning about trades like blacksmithing. One of my favorite things to do in the park is to watch the glassblowers at work. Even if you don't have the money to take glassblowing lessons or buy a fancy souvenir to take home, you can still observe these craftspeople to learn more about their skills. Major kudos to the Dollywood team for raising awareness about these traditional arts.

    Have you ever visited Dollywood? What was your favorite part? Let me know your thoughts on the park in the comments below!