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    Daily Yoga Poses To Try When You Work On A Computer

    Are you hunched over your computer ATM?

    If you've worked from home recently, you may have noticed some new tension in your back and neck. And you wouldn't be alone. Ergonomics experts warn that people who work from home may experience more shoulder and back pain.

    As our favorite Southern goddess Dolly sang, workin' 9 to 5 is already a hard enough way to make a livin'. Add body pain and aches to the mix, and it's even harder to tumble out of bed to pour yourself a cup of ambition.

    You don't need to break up with your computer, though. Fortunately, you can have a healthier relationship with remote work. The medical reviewers at the Mayo Clinic report that yoga can help alleviate basic aches and pains, like the tension you may feel in your back and neck after sitting at a desk or hunching over a computer. Writers at Harvard Health agree.

    Try one of these yoga instructor-approved poses each day of the week. No yoga mat needed.

    7. Chair Cat-Cow Stretch

    Two images of a woman doing the described cat-cow seated motions at her desk.

    6. Chair Pigeon Pose

    A woman bends over her knee while sitting in her chair.

    5. Seated Twist

    A woman sits and twists in her chair.

    4. Raised Hands Pose

    A woman sits with her hands up toward the ceiling.

    3. Seated Knee Bend

    A woman bends over her knee

    2. Forward Bend

    A woman bends over in the yoga pose described below.

    1. Table Top

    A woman holding the back of her chair, bending over to stretch out her spine.

    To find more information about yoga poses that are accessible to people with various disabilities, check out this "how-to" guide to poses for different body types and needs.

    Black Yoga Magazine encourages more Black and Brown representation in yoga.

    Learn more about yoga's origins in India and how to practice yoga without cultural appropriation.

    A woman sits, smiling, with eyes closed -- meditating

    Comment below about your favorite poses. How you get away from your screen while working from home?