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    10 Reasons I'm Celebrating Jolabokaflod This Year

    Bookworms will rejoice in Iceland's tradition of gifting books at Christmastime.

    Hi! My name is Laken, and I'm a bookworm. Several years ago, my BFF and I went to Iceland over Christmas break. My favorite part of the trip wasn't the snow, nor was it the wicked Yule Cat who eats people who don't wear new clothes (yeah, look him up!). Instead, I fell in love with Jolabokaflod. It's an Icelandic holiday tradition where people gift their loved ones with new books to read on Christmas Eve. How cute is that?

    I don't really celebrate Christmas, BUT I have adopted Jolabokaflod each year. Here are ten reasons why you might love to celebrate it, too.

    A candid pic of me sitting in a bookstore in Iceland, reading a book. I'm wearing a blue knit hat and a blue puffer jacket.

    1. Books are underrated gifts

    2. You can be eco-friendly by gifting secondhand books

    3. What's cozier than curling up on a winter's day with a book?

    4. Techies can get e-books

    5. You can finally try out that audiobook you've been meaning to listen to

    6. 6Check out the book series that inspired your favorite Netflix show

    7. You can be a little petty with it

    8. Share your old favorites

    9. You can unwind from holiday stress

    10. And when you're done reading, you can regift your book next year

    Have you celebrated Jolabokaflod? What books would you want to receive as gifts? Tell us in the comments below.