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    • lakane

      Being of Romani/Jewish descent doesn’t mean you’re not white, btw. You’re Caucasian in the least and still reap the benefits of being “white” to some degree. (If you care to have some background on how Jews became white, I highly recommend this book, one Jew to another, as I’m black *and* Jewish. Furthermore, ethnicity is not the same concept as race. You can be ethnically Jewish, and still be “white.” Likewise, one can be Caucasian, and not yet make the transition to “whiteness” as it is perceived in America. Second, you keep asking for someone to address the fact the people who created and enforced this rule are African-American. The most important tool of oppression is the mind of the oppressed. Oppression can’t keep going just on the volition of the group who creates the criteria. Society creates structures by which every participates in fueling this fire via “micro-aggressions” against those deemed lesser. It can be as simple as calling something “gay” to mean “stupid,” but the end-game is mainstream society demeans a certain group of people, in that case the LGBT population. When a school asks students who cannot help their genetic code to “tame” this code for acceptability, you have to wonder who decided these hairstyles were unprofessional in the first place? Who told black people their hair was wrong and needed to be changed. And what standards are they upholding when they do so? The answers will be white people and white standards.

    • lakane

      So what if the employer has to make up the difference? Usuallyarestaurant is willing to put up with that once inablue moon, but if you don’t “earn your keep” by not getting tips, you find yourself fired or given less hours until you quit. It’s really that simple. Plus, it’s just good manners. If you don’t have money to tip at least 15%, you don’t have money to eat. End of story. Aside from awful service. (Personally,Itip even with awful service, but that’s debatable.) Clearly you’ve never worked inarestaurant.

    • lakane

      The point is, for it to bea”First World Problem” means it bothers you immensely, but when it comes to comparing it to problems in developing nations, it’s notaserious issue. The fact you even have the luxury to consider itapressing problem worthy ofaFB, Twitter, or Buzzfeed post is really privileged. I’m sure there are many Sudanese refugees who have tried to openajug of water and the perforated cap got stuck. Now, that could beaserious issue provided it’s their only jug of clean water for the week. Here, it’s “Oh, no,Ihad to drink out of the tap! My God!”

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