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7 Surprising Things Mushrooms Can Do For Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

The good ingredients you need, with no extra stuff you don't. Take your morning routine to the next level with Laird Superfood's functional mushroom products.

1. Did you know mushrooms can help turn your boring old morning cup into a super drink?

Hipster guy thinking

2. Mushrooms can help take your mornings to the next level.

Woman drinking coffee and holding her French bulldog

3. Coffee snobs can rejoice.

Stylish man holding a coffee mug to his mouth

4. Professional athletes swear by the powers of functional mushrooms.

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5. Looking for a dairy alternative? Laird Superfood has you covered with their Superfood Mushroom Creamer.

Woman smiling and sipping coffee.

6. Not a coffee drinker? We didn't forget about you! How about a hot chocolate with a little boost?

Father and daughter drinking hot cocoa together.

7. Get the mushroom boost you need without any extras you don't.

Woman meditating with coffee.

Laird Superfood's functional mushrooms are the easy way to reap the benefits of mushroom power. Transform your morning cup!

Laird Superfood's line of mushroom products.