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Thirteen Unlucky Places To Leave Your Underwear

These are terrible places where you really should be careful not to leave your underwear. In fact, these are probably the 13 worst places you could leave your underwear:

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Good for you if you put that hotel room to good use and got some underwear tangled in the nice white sheets, but remember what your mother told you: Always check under (and in!) the bed for valuables before leaving your hotel room.

Though we doubt housekeeping is looking to score new sets of lingerie after guests leave, hotel lost and found just sounds like such a drag.

On the side of the road

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You've seen them - the wayward pair of underwear scrunched up on the side of the road. They look so sad. So lonely. So lost. How did they get there? Did someone throw them out of a car window? If so, why just the underwear? Seriously, what happened here? Wouldn’t pretty much ANY other item of clothing be more likely to fall out or get left behind during a road trip?

Don’t confuse people. Don't let those be your undies.

Also in this category: Rest stops. Any situation in which you might risk leaving a pair of underwear at a rest stop is not a good one.

And, THIS.

His/her apartment after realizing it isn’t going to work out…

Henson Associates, Inc. Lucasfilm Ltd. / Via

We all know you didn't want to call him/her back, but now you have to because you REALLY like that pair of undies. Cue a very awkward conversation, and the potential for a post-break up hook up that you’d much prefer never happened.

Tennis Court / Via

Though we encourage the proper use of underwear while playing and viewing the sport, a tennis court is no place for lingerie to be left out in the open. Tennis is a very proper game with strict etiquette, which does not allow for underwear to be left all over the court for the player to trip on, throw at an opponent, or use to shock the audience.

Sadly, professional tennis players almost always dress in more than just underwear, though there are a few who might look quite nice wearing a little less than normal.

Leaving your underwear at this location overnight might even classify as a public health concern, because some old lady up early the next morning for a game of doubles might suffer a heart attack upon seeing lingerie hanging from the net of her country club tennis court.

On a boat / Via

Leaving lingerie on a yacht may sound glamorous but think of all of the logistics involved in retrieving it… The boat could move anywhere at any time. Items could fall off the sides of the boat. Was the boat rented? Was there boat-hopping involved? Was it really a yacht, or more of a canoe? Did your date steal a boat that was not his in order to impress you? The difficulty of these questions increases exponentially with number champagne bottles this glamorous boat trip involved.

Your Alma Mater

When you’re back on campus and you’re a few drinks deep, there’s no need to remind everyone that you definitely went there. That you were in a sorority… Or your boyfriend was in a fraternity… Listen, we all have those embarrassing memories of wearing (literally) underwear to college parties. How did that feel so normal at the time? Now that you’re a graduate: Keep your underwear on.

Taxi Cab

Comedy Central / Via

Does anyone else have that friend who always leaves her phone in a taxicab after a long night out? Aside from a handful of benevolent cab drivers who go through the effort of answering the lost cellphone the next morning, finding it always seems to be a hopeless endeavor. Since you can’t call a pair of underwear, there goes your only glimmer of hope of ever finding them again. Plus, that poor, poor cab driver must be wondering what went on in the back of the cab.

Boyfriend/Girlfriend's briefcase

NBC / Via

“That wasn’t part of the IPO presentation…”

According to one website, the most common mistake made on PowerPoint presentations is presenting too much material to the audience. Pretty sure showing your company’s board members your girlfriend’s “special” thong from last night is the definition of TMI…

There are so many ways that this could (and would, inevitably) go wrong. Your boyfriend could pull a pair of girl’s underwear out of his bag in the gym locker room in front of his buddies. Your girlfriend could go to pay for her morning coffee and pull out some wallet-underwear. Underwear falling out in the grocery store, underwear being pulled out at the bar… Underwear stuck in the zipper of his/her briefcase, or underwear hanging out of a pocket of a purse, all day around the office. All bad.

Kids' Rooms

Nickelodeon / Via

Have kids? Don't leave your underwear in their room.

Don't have kids? Don't go around leaving underwear in other peoples' kids’ rooms. It's not a funny joke, and you could end up paying for the years of therapy that will, in all likelihood, ensue.

Your Parents' Room

Newmarket Capital Group

Not much needs to be said.

“We didn’t sleep in there, I swear!” definitely isn’t going to cut it. Also... Just… Why? Aren’t there other, much better rooms in the house? Or any other rooms in the house, really?

And just to underscore, when your mom sees your underwear, loves it, and buys the same pair, you'll be wearing the same underwear as your mom.

At work

20th Century Fox / Via

Unfortunately garter belt seams are not really work appropriate, and your favorite teddy might not fit perfectly underneath all of your office outfits, and sometimes your raciest pair of underwear isn’t your most comfortable. We’re all for proper preparation in the lingerie department, and so we understand why it’s strategic to have some of these things on hand, should happy hour turn into a slumber party.

However, to avoid any HR red flags, be sure to keep your lingerie under wraps while you’re in the office. Better yet, you might want to figure out some kind of lock and key system to keep it from falling out onto your desk during the day. Otherwise, you might be facing some reactions even worse than the image above, should your boss or a colleague drop by your cubicle.

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