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    17 Dishes Worth Traveling To The Mariana's For

    Where the fusions of citrus, coconut, and a kick of spicy will leave you wanting more. Maila' ta' fan boka! (Come eat!)

    1. Red Rice/Hineksa' Agaga'

    Lailanie Javier

    Kicking the flavor of rice up a notch with achote(annatto) seeds for some color and flavor, onions, spices, and some bacon bits! Mmmmm!

    2. Kelaguen

    Lailanie Javier / Via Pinterest

    You can just about kelaguen anything. Mannok(chicken), guihan(fish), kåtne(beef), uhang(shrimp), gåmson(octopus), binadu(deer); combine it with lemon, grated coconut, onions, green onions, and throw in some donne'(red chili peppers) for some heat and you won't believe how a few simple ingredients can create something so delicious!

    3. Månha Titiyas

    Lailanie Javier

    Titiyas is similar to tortillas. Usually paired with kelaguen. Titiyas can be made from corn flour or all purpose flour--my personal favorite is a variation of flour titiyas made with månha! Young coconut juice, young coconut meat, and coconut milk incorporated with the dough.

    4. Empanadas

    Paula Quinene / Via

    You're probably like, "what's the big deal? I've had many kinds of empanadas before." But you haven't lived until you've tried a Chamorro empanada! Achote, shredded chicken, grounded rice wrapped in a corn flour shell, and deep fried to perfection--Gof' månnge'(Extremely delicious)!

    5. Tamales Gisu

    RedriceLV, Chotda / Via Instagram,

    Similar to a Mexican tamale, it's made of corn meal and corn flour. The orange half with achote seed is made with shredded chicken, the white half is just corn meal and corn flour. Then, are you ready for it?'s topped with bacon, most times. Traditionally it is steamed in banana leaves.

    6. Tinala' Kåtne

    Pinterest / Via

    My personal favorite dish! It's as if a beef jerky and a grilled steak had a baby. Your mouth watering yet? The beef is rubbed in spices and dried out in the sun for a couple of days or hung over a hot grill to dry before being BBQ'd.

    7. Kadon Pika

    GuahanGrill / Via Instagram

    Perfect for those who love that kick of pika or spicy; literally translates to spicy soup. Usually eaten with rice; chicken cooked in soy sauce, ginger, onions and sometimes with a hint of coconut milk for extra flavor.

    8. Estufao

    GuahanGrill, Lailanie Javier, Pinterest / Via Instagram, Lailanie Javier,

    Basically kadon pika just without the pika, but just as måangge'(delicious)! It can be made with chicken, beef, short ribs, or spare ribs.

    9. Tinaktak

    Lailanie Javier / Via Instagram

    The ultimate comfort food! Ground beef sauteed with onions and garlic, green beans and cherry tomatoes cooked in the richness of coconut milk! Put that over a bed of rice and throw some fina'denne' (a sauce made with onions, soy sauce, vinegar/lemon and donne') and you are good to go!

    10. Parrot fish

    Guampedia, Tam Shimizu / Via, Tam Shimizu

    Referred to as Palakse' or Atuhong laggua depending on its size, parrot fish is a Chamorro delicacy. Sometimes wrapped in foil and grilled with tomatoes, lemon, onions, and mayonnaise to keep in and combine all the flavors; other times deep fried and dipped in fina'denne'.

    11. Pickled Mango

    RedriceLV / Via Instagram

    While most people enjoy the juicy-ness of a ripe mango, an unripened, crisp green mango is just as delicious...pickled! Especially with some donne' for the kick of pika! Makes you want mango season all year round!

    12. Pickled Papaya

    danetwashere / Via Instagram

    Prepared like pickled mango, and just as refreshing and addicting to snack on. Everything is better pickled!

    13. Corn Soup

    671bigdaddy / Via Instagram

    Perfect for any day, especially on rainy days! Forget chicken corn chowder, chicken and corn sauteed in garlic and onions, and cooked in a delicious coconut milk based broth will never make you look at soup the same again! Gof' mångge'!

    14. Latiyas

    _jzc3o2_ / Via Instagram

    This takes pound cake to another level. Pound cake topped with a tapioca pudding and sprinkled with cinnamon! The perfect dessert that doesn't over do it on sweetness.

    15. Boñelos

    MelinaParis, Paula Quinene / Via Instagram,

    Doughnuts made by mashing up fruits and adding it to the batter mixture: aga'(banana), dågu(taro), and lemmai(breadfruit). Sometimes dipped in sugar or syrup. Who knew a doughnut made with fruit could taste so good?!

    16. Apigigi

    Prubechu / Via Instagram

    This delicious sweet treat is made with tapioca, young coconut meat and fresh coconut milk; then wrapped in a banana leaf, steamed and grilled. The aroma of the coconut and banana leaf adds to its great flavors! You can never have just one!

    17. Åhu

    Guampedia / Via

    Just when you thought you've drank coconut in every way possible; as water, juice, milk, smoothies...just wait till you try it as a dessert porridge/soup. The månha(young coconut pulp) is made into a dumpling with tapioca starch and cooked in a water and sugar like soup. Gof' mångge'!