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    17 Dishes Worth Traveling To The Mariana's For

    Where the fusions of citrus, coconut, and a kick of spicy will leave you wanting more. Maila' ta' fan boka! (Come eat!)

    1. Red Rice/Hineksa' Agaga'

    2. Kelaguen

    3. Månha Titiyas

    4. Empanadas

    5. Tamales Gisu

    6. Tinala' Kåtne

    7. Kadon Pika

    8. Estufao

    9. Tinaktak

    10. Parrot fish

    11. Pickled Mango

    12. Pickled Papaya

    13. Corn Soup

    14. Latiyas

    15. Boñelos

    16. Apigigi

    17. Åhu