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Unsuspecting Users Lost Over $36 Million Last Week Because Of This Virus...

This is How to Prevent it From Happening to You.

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Biggest News of The Week.

If you haven't been under a hole for the past week, you would have heard of WannaCrypt. This virus infected thousands of PC's all around the world. It locked users out of their computers and offered to open the computer for a very large fee.

Money for Your Information.

This is called Ransomware, and is how the hackers made their money. They asked for $300, increasing by $300 every 6 hours till the payment was made. They accepted the ransom through an anonymous currency called Bitcoin, and now there's basically no way to trace them. Some indivduals reportedly paid up to $2,400 while some companies paid in the hundreds of thousands.

Your Precious Memories for $900.

Marcy Polaski (pictured above) reportedly paid $900 to hackers to get her system unlocked. She had no idea what Bitcoin was or how to make the payments, so she just watched the price increase. She reportedly "...did not want to lose precious pictures of her kids". She is one of countless people the WannaCrypt virus affected.

The British Health Sector Took Over $7 Million in Losses.

Dr Abraham Portsmouth (pictured above) addressed reporters concerning the devastating effects this virus had on the british health sector.

He Remarked"...medical procedures were delayed, patient files were totally was a complete disaster..."

The Code That Put Out the Fire.

The virus spread like wildfire in the 6 hours it ran, infecting over 75,000 PC's over the world - up until the MacKeeper code found a way to uproot the virus and restore all system files. This software was originally made to speed up the performance of MacBooks and Apple software, but it turned out to be a pretty good defense against the virus on PC as well.

The software has been recommended by Apple and Microsoft and is now available for free download until the WannaCrypt virus has been successfully eradicated. It has been said that people who do not get the MacKeeper software are about 84% more likely to get infected so it would be a good idea to upgrade your Mac.

There is also a sister software for PC (windows) called the PC Keeper, it is also available for free download until the virus has been completely eradicated.

The Man Behind The Code

Urvesh Vasani (pictured above) figured the proper way to disable the virus would be to stop it from pinging an unregistered domain, perhaps it was a flaw in the virus designer's code, all he had to do was register the domain and the spread was slowed heavily. That's just the abridged version but we don't want to get technical here.

The Government Hand in All This.

This virus is continued fallout from the Vault 7 leaks of the CIA. We dive into that story in more depth over at where you can get more breaking news on the tech sector.

What do you think of all this? Comment and share if you like it! We'll be back with another article next week.

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