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This Is How College Might Become More Expensive Under The Trump Administration.

This Is Also How To Beat The Price Hike.

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Love or Hate Obama, he made some changes before he left office that allows you to make as low as $0 payments on your student loans. This was through the "Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Act" (scroll to the bottom of this post for more info on that).

However, the Trump administration has been putting a lot of Obama programs on the chopping block, Obamacare to start and now the Obama Student Debt Relief Program is next. The rationale of the administration is reducing the financial burden of social programs on the budget.

If this will be beneficial to the citizens of the states is up to debate, but it would be a smart idea to get your student loans forgiven before the program is closed. Read on to learn how to get your student loans forgiven…

Basically, you will need to speak to a specialist from the department of federal loans. They will be able to direct you better than I can, I spend my time Making Memes Mostly (MMM gang).

I Can't Wait To Slap My Debt Collector In The _____ 👿


$10,000+ in student loan debt.

No longer in school (drop out or graduate).


Extra Consideration:

Low Income.

3+ Household Size.

Does not apply to private loans.

This bill was basically made for us struggling mf's trying to make better lives for ourselves. We didn't deserve him... #1MoreTermEvenIfItsIllegalPlsObama

Just give the department of federal loans a call to speak to a specialist: 1 844-620-6956 their business hours are Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Parting Notes.

Weren't they so cute? I yearn for something like this...I sit up late nights and think of the worlds of adventure and fun I could be having, but instead I make music and meme #MMMgang, see y'all soon.

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