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This story is coming out of the Philippines and is courtesy of Home Business Idea

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BBC News Reported This Story in Late April

Jerome Fernandez - Earning a stable income of $10,000/month working from home, he can now afford the freedom to travel and live an incredible life, while making sure his kids never want for anything.

The Jerome Story.

Jerome Fernandez, a former taxi driver , never imagined that he could work online. Feeling the crushing weight on the recession on his shoulders, he took a chance and filled out a simple online form that would change his life.

This year, financial markets have found themselves the beneficiaries of a huge outpouring of low-interest loans. In search of new investment tools, many banks have released formerly private trading instruments to the public.

In October 2016, leading analyst David Lutz announced the

EduTrader Academy—South Africa's first online school for instrument trading—was open for registration to a small pool of 1500 new users.

EduTrader Academy teaches a time tested numerical method, developed in conjunction with Google, that predicts the rises and falls of assets. This method has been in use for four years, but when banks authorized access to the new trading instruments, it became legal for EduTrader to begin teaching how to generate profits from them. This trading method has made millionaires out of numerous market analysts, from New York to London.

What does this mean for all of us? It means that you no longer have to be a certified professional to make money in the stock market. Your process is to follow a highly accurate numerical method, that predicts the direction of any asset’s price.

Yesterday, EduTrader Academy launched a new call center in South Africa, designed to help its customers use the system and common trading strategies to their advantage. One of these new customers was Jerome, who joined EduTrader beta testing two months ago.

I read Jerome's blog last month and decided to feature his story in our weekly consumer report. In our phone interview, he told me the amazing story of how he transformed his life. “I actually make about $10,000-$13,000 a month working with these new instruments. It's enough to comfortably replace my old job's income, especially considering I only work about 15-18 hours a week in Sampaloc.

The Journey.

I asked Jerome to tell me how he started his life-changing journey. "It was pretty easy. I filled out a short form and applied for an account at EduTrader Academy website. There were videos inside that teach you how to trade with assets. I found the answers to all my questions and started to trade within 30 minutes of signing in. It's really simple. I am not a computer whiz, but I can use the internet. These guys have advanced tools and methods to analyze financial markets in real time and gave me information on which assets will go up or down on the market. The first time, I placed a bet that stocks will go up. I got $180 from my $100 investment. $80 was my profit. These guys get their 7% commission so it looks fair enough. Trades are usually very fast, lasting less than 2 minutes. With this simple but effective way to earn money, I was finally able to change my life. Companies are constantly recruiting people for this, you should try it. It costs less than $10 to get started!

Jerome Fernandez was able to use the simple EduTrader training to quickly learn the skills needed to start binary option trading. This training allowed him to generate an income that would quickly protect his family from the recession.

“The income is so good that I decided to buy our first brand new car - a BMW X5 for my parents. I had always admired other people in the city with this car, and never imagined I could buy one myself. ”

A source from a leading consultancy stated “EduTrader Academy is now creating many more weekly millionaires than the lottery. In fact, we are seeing 90% of new clients seeking wealth advice now earn their main income from these new instrument trading. What is astounding is that many of these people were working in regular jobs, like construction, office jobs and some were even unemployed. Now they are earning more than top stockbrokers in London, New York or Tokyo.”

The Happy Beginning.

“What is more important to me than money is freedom. I don't have a boss. I now have time to spend with my family. A few weeks ago, I took my parents to their dream vacation to Dubai!”

Jerome Fernandez was able to use the simple EduTrader training to quickly learn the skills needed to start binary option trading. This training allowed him to generate an income that would quickly protect his family from the recession.

On a good day, he was able to make over $800.

Jerome Fernandez has never shared his story before. This is the first time he is going public. You too can transform your income and change your life, just like Jerome.

How to Get Started.

Step 1: Go to EduTrader and fill out the form to check availability of webinar lessons.

Step 2: Follow the instructions at EduTrader and set up your account. Attend the free first lesson.

Step 3: Profit

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