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How BuzzFeed Sent Me To Heaven

My Reaction To 44k Views On My BuzzFeed Post

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When I woke up at 7am, I had 388 views on my post on How Do You Pronounce "Pho"?

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I ate a box of tissues and five bowls of Coco Pops before I arrived at work.

Then at 11am, I showed someone at work that I actually have a life because I write on BuzzFeed and I don't get paid!

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They think I'm crazy.

But when we went to visit the post, my thumbnail image is changed!

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Someone's hacked into my account!

Then I checked my viral dashboard at 4pm. This is what I saw:

I had 44,000 views on my post!
Lady W

I had 44,000 views on my post!

This happened...


So for the next five hours, I have been saying this...

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I just want to say to you BuzzFeed:


You are the ying to my yang!

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