Kerry Bogert Lit and film nerd, disciple of Gozer, pop-culture enthusiast, horror genre fanatic, and obsessive coffee drinker. I also have four pet rats and a bird named Strangelove.
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  • 3 Genre Films Of 2014 That Belonged In My Top 10 List

    About a month ago, I wrote a list of my ten favorite genre films from 2014. I may have jumped the gun — a tad — because I had not finished all of my 2014 film viewings just yet. Here are 3 films that *should* have made it to my list last month. Here…we…go!

  • 10 Epic Genre Films From 2014

    Last year boasted an eclectic mix of genre flicks. From cult leaders to black holes, and one old train on a very long track — here’s the list of my favorites from 2014.

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