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    • LadyLazarus

      C’mon now. The whole idea of “cultural appropriation” thing has gotten completely out of control! So now people can’t enjoy food from other cultures, or try to make their versions of it, without being called out for “cultural appropriation?” I’m Mexican, and I see nothing wrong with people deciding they like Mexican food, and trying to recreate their own. Many a time I’ve had Chinese food, or Korean food, and eaten it with a corn tortilla. Does that mean I’m disrespecting Chinese or Korean culture by mixing in something I enjoy from my culture into their food? Hell no! It means a love tortillas, and they taste good with Chinese and Korean food. If people want to make weird-ass salsa, or put sour cream on tamales, or make taco salad, then let them. It’s gross, but to each their own. I don’t think it’s cultural appropriation for people to take from other cultures what they like, as long as they’re not hurting anyone in the progress.

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