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    • LadyCave93

      @samuel. You are misinformed. Educate yourself and do it now. There is only a one percent difference in the rates of hiv/aid in gay and straight men. And guess what. The one percent is actually higher in straight. It just seems that gays have it more as there are less of them. Go and read a journal. You’re immature and misinformed manner is appauling. What about all those addicts that have the disease? You seem to have missed that one out. Everyday I get angrier at society. I am a lesbian myself and I stand up for equal rights but at the same time I do believe our sexuality should not be pushed in peoples faces. I don’t attend gay pride marches as I believe they are unnecessary. You dont see a straight pride march. I think everyone is a little too heated about sexuality. Why do straight people think it is going to affect them? It’s not! So shut up and put up is what I say.

    • LadyCave93

      Garbage managed to compare gays to nazis. Do remind us of how someone gay killed millions of people in order to protect their sexuality? All us short haired, male clothed, lady loving women and feminine, proudly camp men loving men plus the endless list of cliches the closed minded stick upon us, is to get married just like any other loving partnership. Is it really that much of a crime to love someone for who they are not what they are. You treat gays like they ram it down your throat everyday, yet every sunday I get a group of religious people trying to convince me to believe in what they do. I know they judge me but I give them respect as they are just fellow humans, so why must this be any different.

    • LadyCave93

      Love how garbage uses a scientific example with no supporting evidence. Maybe gays are natures way of capping overpopulation. If the ratio of gay to straight is increased then by nature that cuts down reproduction. Yes we have ways around that but theres no science that can back up the whole marriage equality business. Its all about goverment and ethics and the kid hit the nail on the head. Its great to see a child thats mind is still open and free to explore opinion.

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