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7 Songs That Were Banned For Stupid Reasons

Lets face it swearing Plagiarism and sexual innuendos are common practice in the music industry. But sometimes certain songs are picked on and are banned for the strangest of reasons. Lets look at some of these examples.

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2. Blurred lines - Robbin Thicke


over 20 universities have banned this song from being played on campus because of its offensive message, they say "A song that implies a woman is 'an animal' who 'wants it' because of the way she is dressed is not acceptable.

4. Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall


In 1980 the apartheid government of South Africa banned this because of the lyrics "We don’t need no education". They said it would encourage children to leave school. Apparently that was to far for them.

7. Fuck Tha Police - NWA


Was Banned all radio stations except one in Australia who payed it for two months before they were ordered to stop. In response to this outrage the staff went on strike and played NWAs express yourself on continual loop for 24 hours

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