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10 Things You Should Know About Alton Towers

Come one come all, step right up and read all about it. Here are 10 things youve just been dying to know about the UKs no 1 theme park.

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1. The rides are not as safe as you think

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Believe it or not there has been 30 accidents in three years. These include a woman being taken to hospital after riding the Rita ride, a 13 year old hospitalized for hitting her head in the "Scare Maze" and Passengers having to be cut free from wreckage and airlifted to hospital after a carriage collided with empty one on the "Smiler".

3. Make a wish !

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Thanks to public generosity a little girl was able to live out her dream of being able to have a tea party with CBeebies characters at Alton towers.

10. Haunting


Due to its history and old mansion that still stands to this day ghost hunters from all over head there to try to spot Charles Tabott who was the 15th earl of Shrewsberry and owned the grounds. Some say his still there waiting in line for eternity.

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