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10 things You Didnt Know About The British Museum

With a collection that spans over 2 million years of human history and with it being one of the most iconic places in Britain its no surprise that the British museum is a must see. But here are some facts about the museum that you may shock and surprise you.

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1. Established since ....


King George II established the British Museum in 1753 and Its grand opening was on 15 January 1759, in Montagu House which was on the site of the current building. its over 250 years old !!

4. X rated


Once described as raunchier than page 3 the Nishikawa Sukenobu’s exhibition was one of the most successful in the Museums history with over 80,000 visitors. Not to mention its lost porn room. You dirty lot.

5. Stolen booty


Items such as the Parthenon marbles of Greece which were acquired by the museum through some dubious circumstances a long time ago still have not been returned to their rightful owners which has sparked some outrage and debate over the years.

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