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When We Play - A Time Lapse Oil Painting

16"x20" Oil painting on stretched canvas from The Nightmares & Reveries Collection by Ladessa Sullivan AKA CandyAcidReign --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Notes: This painting is about a complex relationship. There's so much that could be said in regards to what sub-topics under relationships, philosophies and etc. that it covers, but to add insight, the painting shows two different perspectives; one of which where the female figure has outstretched arms & the other where the male figure is penetrating the females body and holding her heart, both perceptions are interconnected and the artist invites you to see what you will. There is adoration, ignorant bliss, sexuality, accidental heartbreaks, and the way we "play"; man and woman, somewhat inheritedly masochistic and sadistic by nature (penetration vs being penetrated). So much more could be said.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [About The Artist: Ladessa A.K.A The Poet & Artist known as CandyAcidReign rarely if ever pre-sketches or highly pre-contemplates any of her artistic work; visual, verbal, or written. This is one of several time lapse painting videos created entirely by this self taught artist.] Subscribe & Watch More Youtube Videos by CandyAcidReign

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