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Things Only Indian Hipsters Understand

Going your own way isn't always easy. Lacoste L!VE knows this, which is why they want to celebrate the #NewPerspective.

1. Spending Rs. 100 on a coffee.

2. Trying to explain to your aunties that you're vegan/on a clean-eating diet.

3. The pain of trying to find skinny jeans that fit when you've got curves.

4. The struggle of trying to find somewhere that sells the latest comic books.

5. Your parents having no idea what your job means.

6. Only being able to wear your skinny jeans for three months of the year.

7. Trying to maintain an ice-cool persona when your extended family insists on calling you Pappu/Pinky.

8. The importance of fairy lights.

9. Having to get creative with clothing.

10. Getting nostalgic for old-school things.

11. The feeling you get when you hit gold at Chor Bazaar.

12. You get waaayyy too excited when you meet someone with similar interests.

13. Having to take out a bank loan to pay for a drink at the latest hot spot.

A vodka and coke = Rs. 2000 and a kidney.

14. Reading Pitchfork to learn about new bands.

15. Spending hours looking at vintage photos of Sadhana…

16. Always being told to "smile" in photos.

17. Having to take an extra-large suitcase whenever you travel abroad.

18. Explaining to your mum that your hair isn't messy.

19. People repeatedly asking you why you're wearing such "ugly" shoes.

20. That smug feeling you get when you see someone paying for the gym.

21. The feeling you get when you find a place with free Wi-Fi.

22. You judge people by their bookshelves.


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