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5 Sexy Ideas To Surprise You In Bed

Being a creative woman in bed increases your partner's sexual pleasure and keeps her expecting the crazy things you can do during sex. Surprise him with the following sexy ideas that has for you.

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When you reach orgasm, tighten and relax the muscles of the vagina and do not stop moving, with the pace you will lead to an extremely pleasurable orgasm. Try sex dolls to make your love life more sexy or romantic.

The position of rider, besides being very satisfactory for you allows him to observe how you move, do it changing the speed, you can go slow and gradually increase the movements.

Sell ​​it and awaken all your senses; Use to pass feathers for the body, edible talc, thermal oils, etc. Your imagination is the limit! You can also say dirty words, it all depends on your level of excitement. You can use love doll instead of real human beings.

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