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    27 Perfect Christmas Gifts For "Gilmore Girls" Lovers

    Sooo many coffee mugs.

    1. A Luke's baseball tee:

    2. A set of mother-daughter mugs:

    3. These snazzy pencils:

    4. This direction sign:

    5. This adorable tee:

    6. This subtle pin:

    7. This Stars Hollow print:

    8. This motivational mug:

    9. This Luke & Lorelai candle:

    10. These BFF keychains:

    11. This quote coasters:

    12. A Luke's Diner or Dragonfly Inn keychain:

    13. A campaign we can all stand behind:

    14. This glittery mug:

    15. These socks with a special message:

    16. These glasses:

    17. This mug with the theme song lettered on:

    18. This shirt with the names of all your BFFS:

    19. This Life and Death Brigade Bracelet:

    20. This motivational wall sign:

    21. This glittery mug:

    22. This adorable quote pin:

    23. This pillow that knows where your heart is:

    24. This giant Luke's mug:

    25. This quote sign:

    26. This Luke's diner poster:

    27. This bracelet: