20 Perfect Gifts Every "Game Of Thrones" Fan Needs In Their Life

    Christmas is coming.

    1. This doormat that would do Hodor proud:

    2. This dragon hair barrette:

    3. This motivational shirt:

    4. This Iron Throne phone dock:

    5. This clever holiday sign:

    6. This glow-in-the-dark oak ring:

    7. This adorable character blanket:

    8. These couple quote prints:

    9. This wooden cutting board:

    10. These house candles:

    11. This spiral notebook:

    12. The Table of Thrones:

    13. This set of coasters:

    14. This delicate hand-stamped necklace:

    15. This yarn bowl:

    16. This Winterfell soap in the shape of a book:

    17. This yard sign:

    18. These dragon earrings:

    19. This crystal tiara:

    20. This dragon claw necklace:

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