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    15 Gloriously Simple Christmas DIYs You Can Make This Winter

    ~It's beginning to look a lot like Pinterest~

    1. These emoji ornaments to show off how much you love to text:

    2. These letters to Santa pillows:

    3. This shadowbox full of ornaments:

    4. This Scrabble tile frame:

    5. This Golden Snitch ornament:

    6. This festive deer head canvas:

    7. These wintery AF mason jar lids:

    8. This string reindeer:

    9. This easy way to jazz up your string lights:

    10. This Rudolph canvas:

    11. This plaid bunting:

    12. This wreath for your door:

    13. This elf parking only sign for your keys:

    14. This ornament tree:

    15. This lighted sign:

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