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POOR UNFORTUNATE SONGS: Top Ten Amazingly Underrated Disney Songs

Disney is known for busting out a memorable song or two. BUT there some gems that have yet to find their place at the top of download lists and accolades in the Best Disney Songs crown. So here's a list of the great songs that deserve to be as beloved as the classics we all sing along to.

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10. Savages from Pocahontas

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CONTEXT: After John Smith is sentenced to die for taking the blame for the death of Kocoum, Radcliffe uses it as an excuse to launch an attack on the Powhatan tribe. Preparations for war between the Native Americans and English settlers take place while a heartbroken Pocahontas determines to stop it.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: This is an uncomfortable song to listen to as both sides do not let up on the slanderous, stereotypes of each other. However for Disney not to shy away or tone it down from that is so commendable. What makes the song even more impressive is despite its setting, the depiction of racial and cultural tension makes it still very much relevant and sadly relatable to the world of today. What makes it even more powerful is when you have the voices of Pocahontas, the English and the Native Americans all singing together and her image is superimposed over the two sides marching to battle. Proving that in all things love and tolerance is stronger than fear and hatred.

9. My Own Home from The Jungle Book

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CONTEXT: After defeating Shere Khan, it seems Mowgli is determined to remain in the jungle with Baloo. That is until he sees a young girl (her name revealed to be Shanti in the sequel) from the man-village.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: It's a great departure from the rest of the movie's songs. If you heard this on it's own you wouldn't guess it comes from the same movie where a bear dresses up as a female ape and the voice of Winnie the Pooh inhabits a snake trying to eat a young child. And that's the point. Throughout the movie the songs have been primarily upbeat focusing on the sense of freedom that comes in the jungle along with its dangers. However this song brings the characters and the tone of the movie back to the reality that's been there lurking in the background. Mowgli is growing up and while it's fun to hang with Baloo and scat with King Louis, he doesn't fully belong in the jungle his place is with other humans in society . The inclusion of the song with Shanti at the end is a great metaphor for the acceptance of that and the journey into adulthood. Guess you can have bears and black panthers for friends but a guy can't resist the pink hair ribbons.

8. The Silly Song from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

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CONTEXT: After the Queen has had a terrifying transformation into the Hag we are brought back to the light spirit of the movie with Snow White and the Dwarves having a sing song after dinner.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: It's a song that works because it does't take itself seriously it's fun and folksy and toe tappingly catchy. It just is a moment of pure silly joy especially when we see the Dwarves (bar Grumpy) all trying various methods to impress Snow White which makes us love them all the more. It's one of the definitions of a feel good Disney song guaranteed to leave a smile on your face when it's done. Especially given that it ends not with a bang but with a sneeze.

7. That's What Makes The World Go Round from The Sword In The Stone

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CONTEXT: Arthur pre the Camelot and Round Table days is training to become his adopted brother, Kay's squire while balancing his lessons with the time travelling, enigmatic wizard, Merlin. In this particular lesson Merlin decides instead of a standard object lesson to go for the more direct route by turning Arthur into a fish.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: The song is basically a lesson so it moves at a chilled pace. It's Arthur learning how to be a fish while Merlin is trying to instill a bunch of home truths about aiming high and taking chances. It's not about the beat or if Merlin can hit a high F, it's about the meaning. It's simple which is why it often gets forgotten about when compared to the big, visually spectacular numbers in the Disney catalogue. But the simpleness makes it effective.

6. Supergirl from The Princess Diaries

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CONTEXT: Written and performed by Krystal Harris the song became Disney's promotional song for the film. It would later be released as the single from her debut album.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: Krystal Harris' vocals elevate what could have easily become a typical cut and dry pop track into something with a lot of energy and backbone to it. Not to mention how ridiculously talented she is to not only sing and write but also play piano and drums as well. It's a fun song full of the right blend of self asserted independance and vulnerability drawing comparisons to Miss Independant by Kelly Clarkson. In relationship to the film it's a really fitting anthem for Mia's character. Plus it reminds you just how long it's been since you spiked your hair and wore those studded bracelets.

5. Why Should I Worry from Oliver and Company

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CONTEXT: After cheating him out of some hot dogs, kitten Oliver chases the hustling Dodger around New York to try and get them back in a literal game of cat and dog.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: If ever there was a character in Disneydom who put the C in cool it's Dodger and getting Billy Joel in to do the the voice and singing is the icing on the cake. The song is so slick from start to finish with some insane saxophone bits in the middle that you can't help but get the rhythm stuck in your head . And come on you've got to admire a dog who has so much swagger he can literally stop New York traffic.

4. He's A Tramp from Lady and the Tramp

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CONTEXT: When Lady finds herself caught and taken to the pound she encounters a group of dogs including Peg who tells her a bit too much about Tramp's reputation

WHY IT'S AMAZING: This song managed to do something a Disney movie hadn't done before or since till Jessica Rabbit- be sexy. The Peg character is designed in a pretty sexualised way for a dog. Not cause the animator had a bit too much admiration for Peggy Lee but to contrast Lady. Peg is the type of girl Tramp goes for so when you compare her to Lady you see that Tramp is genuinely drawn to Lady for a different reason.

Plus when you think of when the song was written it's a pretty big risk taker. In the 50s you had McCarthy breathing down people's necks looking for any whiff of communism and the Hays code censoring anything considered risque in the movies and here's this song about how Tramp has been living up to his name. However it's not condemning him, it's sort of celebrating him for it. It's the old "that boy is no good but you love him" type song and for a company whose movie before this one was about fairies and never growing up, that's a bold move. Illustrating that you really can get away with it in animation. The jazzy sound makes it one of the more contemporary sounding of Disney's numbers from the golden age and it's a great one to sing at parties with a feather boa or two.

3. The Bells of Notre Dame from the Hunchback of Notre Dame

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CONTEXT: The opening song of the movie it involves the Gypsy leader, Clopin telling a group of children and the audience the backstory of how Quasimodo came to be the bell ringer of Notre Dame.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: Given how horrendously under appreciated Hunchback generally is it's tempting to put the whole soundtrack. However the opening song really makes the movie and what an opening it is. Up there with the Circle of Life as a goosebump inducing mood setter, the song has an operatic feel with the chamber choir and Clopin hitting that massive final note out of the stratosphere. It's up there as one of the most powerful Disney songs ever written both in theme and sheer scale of the score. If ever there was a need for the word epic it definitely applies to this song.

2. Stand Out from A Goofy Movie

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CONTEXT: Max Goof decides to try and win the affection of his crush, Roxanne by staging an elaborate performance in school on the last day before summer vacation.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: This song should have been a hit. This movie should have been a hit. There are so many good things about A Goofy Movie it's funny, it's heartwarming, it has Bigfoot listening to Stayin' Alive on a walkman. What more do you want? Stand Out is a great Disney song you can dance to plus who doesn't relate to wanting the object of their affection to notice and admire them? Perhaps it was too modern for audiences at the time who associated Disney with big Broadway-esque numbers and had yet to have the full effect of the mass number of Disney produced popstars blaring over the airwaves? Maybe if it had been released today it could have been the hit it was born to be.

Not to mention it's fun to watch just how big this performance Max gives is complete with LED lights and smoke machines all he's missing are the fireworks and bubble makers. But let's take a moment to appreciate the real star moment of the scene:


HONOURABLE MENTION: Appreciate the Lady from the Fox and the Hound

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CONTEXT: The titular fox, Todd has been abanonded in the wild by his owner. He falls in love with a young vixen appopriately named Vixey and they get into a bit of a fight. Cue the wise owl, Big Mama to help them patch things up

WHY IT'S AMAZING: First off you have the legend that is Ms Pearl Bailey crooning with her honey coated vocal tones. Second it actually has some pretty good points about respecting your partner in a relationship. Above all the Fox and the Hound is quite a mature movie for Disney and in a movie full of more bittersweet drear than magical cheer it's nice to have a moment of light relief before things get heavy in the finale.

1. Tomorrow Is Another Day from The Rescuers

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CONTEXT: Bernard and Miss Bianca set off on their mission to rescue the kidnapped little girl, Penny. They hire the albatross, Orville to fly them down South to Devil's Bayou, where she has been taken.

WHY IT'S AMAZING: It's a beautiful song and there's such a sense of optimism and hopefulness that it really does epitomize the attitude that a lot of Disney represents. The lyrics are charming with an almost childlike naaivite. The visuals of the landscapes they cross are also gorgeous. Especially considering Disney was at that point in a gradual transition between strictly traditional 2D hand drawn animation to the slow incorporation of CG. It's a song that has such warmth to it that it does leave you feeling content and ready to take on the world with some good ol' positivity.

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