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Five Actresses Who Could Steal The Heart Of Michael B Jordan's Thomas Crown

With the announced remake of the Thomas Crown Affair helmed by Michael B Jordan, the big question on everyone's lips is who will play the insurance investigtor to take on the billionaire thief? Here's a few ideas

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1. Kate Mara


Despite opinions on the Fantastic Four reboot, there was still some pretty good chemistry with members of it's cast especially when watching behind the scenes footage so repairing Mara and Jordan two strong actors in their own right who've worked together before, may be the way to go. Kate Mara has a knack for playing strong, intelligent characters perfect for the insurance investigator.

2. Zoe Kravitz


The female insurance investigator in both versions of Thomas Crown, stands out not only because of her chemistry with Thomas Crown but because she has a remarkable confidence. She knows she is a badass and doesn't need to say it, it's why she's so good at her job and figuring out in literally no time at all that Crown is behind the heists while it takes the cops ages. That quiet, self confidence is a trait Zoe Kravitz has created with several of her movie roles including her parts in Dope and Beware of the Gonzo. Also being no stranger to action films she could take on the more physical stunts/ chase scenes. Overall she could easily convince as the only person who is Thomas Crown's equal.

3. Naya Rivera


Whether you know her as the straight talking Santana on Glee or the hard working, always trying to d the right thing, Bianca on Devious Maids, Naya Rivera knows how to play conflicted characters hiding secrets. The ability to play characters hiding something is a big part of the heist film aspect of the Thomas Crown affair. The insurance investigator has to figure out ways of gathering evidence to get Crown arrested as well as hiding her feelings for him from the cops both challenges that Naya Rivera in her previous work could pull off perfectly. Not to mention with the casting of Michael B Jordan in a role that before was portrayed caucasian actors why not add a Latina actress as the lead. In the wake of the #oscarssowhite having such a well known film franchise cast both leads as two different ethnic minorities would be a massive statement for Hollywood.

4. Frieda Pinto


Frieda Pinto would be another interesting choice. Not only because it again would be casting a talented minority actress in the lead but because they could add an aspect that could up the stakes in the film. If they stick to the idea shown the 1999 film, where Thomas Crown steals priceless pieces of art, why not have him steal priceless pieces of classical Indian/Asian art? This would add to the stakes as not only do the cops and insurance investigator have to recover the art but they have to do it quickly without it escalating to a major international scandal giving the film a tone similar to popular tv shows Scandal, 24 and How To Get Away With Murder. If the insurance officer acts as a liason between the American and Indian authorites it could also be a symbol of the East and West working together, giving the film an undercurrent of social commentatry to separate it from it's predecessors.

5. Jennifer Lawrence


Ignoring the obvious box office draw of Jennifer Lawrence for one moment, part of why Jennifer Lawrence could work comes from her ability to play mature, world weary characters. The insurance investigator is that to the T. Jennifer Lawrence could easily pass as this character who has carefully built this incredible reputation for herself in her field, despite being underestimated at every turn. S great is the insurance investigator's skill that that she is called in specially to handle the Thomas Crown case. With her comedic timing showcased in several movies she could also easily pull of the sparky, sexy banter that makes the Thomas Crown/insurance investigator dynamic so fun to watch.

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