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    • Labdabadu

      Czechoslovakia didn´t exist until after World War II. The territory which now is the Czech Republic and was formerly known as Böhmen and Mähren (Bohemia and Moravia)- a multi-ethnic territory inhabited mostly by Germans and Czechs among others - has always been a German kingdom/duchy and belonged to the German Empire from 1019 until 1918. In 1918, after World War I, this territory was annexed by the newly founded Czech Republic, a state which had never existed before in history, despite of the German ethnic majority living there. After World War II, all the Germans (ca. 3 millions of people) were exiled and disappropriated or killed by the Czech in an unlawful act that is rightfully not accepted by Germany until today. Lessons of history; not black not white but different shades of Grey.

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