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    • kyrski

      except logan cheated on her??? i mean, i know it came down to he thought/she thought in terms of being on a “break, but still. personally, i hated logan and dean for rory. dean was so boring & one-dimensional, and logan was full of grand gestures. yes, jess was a total ass as a teenager, but he had a lot of daddy issues and actually grew as a person throughout the series. i liked that. i also so desperately wanted marty to become an option, until the show turned him into a creep.  but i agree. any of rory’s fights with her mom, lane, or paris always sucked. even her small fight with lucy & the whole marty situation.

    • kyrski

      bjlaurasavage, i wrote a huge response and buzzfeed deleted it, so i’ll try to remember it, but i’m so sorry for your loss of your mother.  i know the fear and anxiety from exposure to 9/11 as well, sadly. after cutting our gym class short and bringing my class inside, the principal told the class what happened. other children immediately started crying and asking for their parents, and i internally began freaking out that our school or my mom’s work was going to get bombed (we lived in a tiny, rural midwestern town, mind you.) i went home and watched the news, saw the people jumping from the towers, and my mom forbade me from watching any more news about 9/11. what little i saw caused me to cry myself to sleep. my parents had to cancel their newspaper subscription after headlines like, “nuclear war, our next threat?” and “terrorists among us?” sent me into a tailspin of anxiety attacks that kept me up all night. i began to fear everything: west nile virus, smallpox outbreak, war, the thought of my brothers someday being drafted, etc. and i was ten years old. only ten.  i’m 26 now (well adjusted, full time job, college grad, married, etc.) and i still can’t handle watching the news frequently. it sucks to admit that i probably come off as blissfully ignorant, but the other side of the coin is sinking back into that anxious, depressive mindset where i begin to fear leaving my house, being around large groups of people, or in popular places like movie theaters, malls, monuments, etc.  you’re right: people underestimate how vulnerable children are during times of trauma. it may not manifest itself in the way that it did for people like you and me, but it can manifest in other negative ways—like violence towards themselves or others, or even developing racist beliefs about other people. children cannot easily separate rationale and emotion…hell, adults had a hard time doing it during 9/11. exposing children to this video at such a young age can breed unnecessary fear and distrust of others.

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