Kyriba is the global leader in next generation treasury solutions in the cloud. Kyriba’s solution enables CFOs and finance teams to optimize their corporate treasury functions by delivering fully-integrated cash, treasury, payment, risk mana...
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  • Upcoming Webinar: More Reasons To Use A Treasury Management System

    Thursday, September 11 - 2 PM ET Many organizations that consider treasury management systems focus on productivity improvements and improved visibility to justify their technology investment. While these are important benefits, there is added business value to be realized and incorporated in your return on investment. In this webinar, Treasury Strategies and Kyriba will review the key benefits that treasury technology delivers and emphasize the opportunities for optimized decision making and treasury insight that deliver more strategic business value. During our interactive online session, we will discuss: •productivity improvements •using bank connectivity to reduce bank fees and services •optimizing hedge programs •improved treasury and financial decision making •and more … The panel of speakers will consist of: Jeff Diorio, Principal - Treasury Strategies Bob Stark, VP Product Strategy - Kyriba Corporation Join the webinar now:

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