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9 Things I Did To Mend A Heartbreak That You Can Too

Heartbreaks (especially the first ones) can seem like the end of the world, but apparently they're not! Who knew? Here is a list of nine things I did during my first heartbreak that not only erased the pain, but allowed me to grow as a person.

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1. Travel

Kyra Roberts / Via Instagram: @kyraaroberts

During my first heartbreak I felt like I was stuck. Like my entire town was just one giant reminder of my past relationship and everything we had done together. So I left, for a little while at least. I hopped on a plane to visit my friend in Los Angeles and immediately felt relief. The change of atmosphere opened my eyes to new things I had never experienced all while closing my heart off to the hurting. If you're going through what I went through, travel! Whether it's across the sea or 2 hours down the highway, the last thing you'll be thinking about is a past relationship!

2. Get a Tattoo

Kyra Roberts / Via Instagram: @kyraaroberts

Getting a tattoo was a good reminder that my body is still my body even after it hadn't felt like it for so long. It made me feel like a new person, not the one who was crying for days on end, but one who was fun and reckless and was able to handle whatever life threw at her. It can be something with deep meaning to you, or just something you think is pretty, like I did.

3. Eat Really Good Food

Kyra Roberts / Via Instagram: @kyraaroberts

I've yet to find something that great food can't fix. There is just something comforting about chowing down on all your favorite foods with a few of your closest friends. That being said, don't eat too much or you'll even worse than when you began (trust me).

4. Get Out There and Meet New People

Luckily for me, my first heartbreak was essentially right before I went off to college. Being thrown into a new place where you know virtually no one forces you to make new friends and try new things. Meeting new people who knew nothing about my former relationship was so refreshing. They asked me about things I like and who I was rather than "are you doing okay?" or any other question that would remind me about my imploded relationship. If you aren't heading off to a university anytime soon, try joining a class or taking up a hobby you enjoy and befriend those who share the same interests as you!

5. Treat Yo' Self


Days after my breakup I found my friends often asking if I wanted to go to the mall, thrifting, etc. At first I was apprehensive because I was so used to needing to save up money for the next birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc. But when the realization that I would no longer need to spend my money on anyone but me (until Christmas at least) hit, I was all for it. Buying new clothes, new books, and anything else I desired felt great. I was finally able to buy the things I wanted and spoil myself for a change. Sometimes, being selfish can be good.

8. Take Advantage of Your Support System

Your friends and family want to help you. They don't think you're a burden or a bother when you bring up that you "don't know where it went wrong" for the tenth time. They want to see you happy and are willing to go to greater lengths than you may think to make sure that happens.

9. Cry It Out


Just cry! Even if you don't feel like it, do it. Bottling up your emotions never ends well and there is just something so therapeutic about letting it all out. Even if you only feel better for a bit, it's still progress!

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